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Outstanding Contribution to the PGR Student Experience & Community Award
Presented to Luis by Swansea University 2023.

ABOUT ME - Luis Maia de Freitas

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Students and graduates! I am Luis Maia de Freitas, born in the hottest, touristic and academic city of Faro in southern Portugal. I am currently studying and building my life in the poetic and multicultural city of Swansea in Wales, and the creator of the PhD Lounge Podcast, est. 29th of June 2021.


Having been culturally adventuring throughout Europe between studies and work, creating friendships from different countries worldwide, and ambitioning a train journey across Siberia, from Moscow to Vladivostok, and also visiting archaeological cities of Ancient Greece and Rome for the foreseeable future, I am running a new academic journey called PhD in Ancient History and Civilisation during three years at Swansea University.


Calling myself as Dr Luis Maia de Freitas before the viva voce, yet the title will be a challenging achievement, and hopefully become a researcher/teacher in Ancient Art History; I have embedded and socialised most of my twenties (likely to continue when reaching 30 and beyond! 😂) rather in books, e-books and papers than in booze, feasts and college parties; obviously seizing in-between academic parties as well either in Portugal and in other countries I lived, and still doing it.


I graduated in cultural heritage and archaeology at the University of Algarve in my home country, with an Erasmus year abroad at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain in between, then I enrolled on an internship as an art curator assistant at Galleri Heike Arndt DK at Berlin in Germany and obtained a master's degree in ancient history and classical culture at Swansea University where I wrote my thesis called Hybridisation in the Hellenistic World: Precedents, Development and Legacy. As a PhD student, I am researching ancient cities in the Near East by applying the postcolonial concepts utilised by Homi K. Bhabha: Hybridity and Third Space.


My decision to make this podcast about PhD culture lies first and foremost in enrolling on a PhD but also in religiously listening to podcasts of different genres; obviously, Ancient History, Classics and Education are the top ones. My favourite podcasts are The Hellenistic Age Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, El Podcast del Mate or Sudamerican mate Podcast, and Let's Talk About Myths Baby!

My goal for this podcast is to explore different insights about what a PhD actually means for any student and how its initials have historically become famous worldwide, where literally every year, a student receives the title of Doctor of Philosophy.


The programme of the podcast focuses on late-night interviews with PhD students where they talk about their research and experiences as "independent" researchers, hoping to entertain you as listeners as well as inviting students who are studying at university, that is, undergraduates and masters, and those who want to learn about PhD, to have a thought and consider in joining into this degree where maturity, discipline and experience is paramount.

So grab your coffee or tea and a snack, tune in to the PhD Lounge, and I will interview you sooner than you expect!


Thank you for tuning in, it has been a pleasure!

Yours truly,


All my forms of contact such as social media and academia profile can be found by clicking the linktree button below.

Graphic Designer - Pedro Freitas


 A range of the photo art for PhD Lounge was created by my brother Pedro. He is a very talented graphic designer who can create a unique range of designs using print, electronic, and film media. Check out his Artstation website and Instagram profile. 


Instagram: @ofreitolas

Graphic Designer - Fozlay Rabbee


 The main PhD lounge image was created by graphic designer Fozlay Rabbee. He is very professional at Logos, Branding, Book cover, web UI, Banner, Podcast cover, E-mail template, Flyer template etc. Check out his work and website profile.


Music Producer/Composer - Paolo Bonavita


 The PhD lounge intro, background and outro soundtracks was created by music composer Paolo Bonavita. Paolo is an expert in Audio Editing and has a wide range of skills. Check out his work and website profile.


Website Creator/Developer - Natalie Jarvis


 The PhD lounge website was created and is developed by Natalie. She is a PhD student in her first year investigating identity and diversity in volunteering. Prior to her PhD she undertook a masters degree in marketing and creates websites on a freelance basis. Check out her LinkedIn profile and contact details for competitively priced website builds for all your business needs.



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